State-run History Falsification Commission

has been announced by liberal President Dmitry Medvedev and will soon convene in Moscow.

Fools, they obviously don’t trust The Market to write history.

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    As commentator Yuliya Latynina wrote in “Yezhednevny zhurnal” last week, prior to the announcement of the commission’s founding, “it would have been difficult to imagine” that “Our Liberal Hope, Mr. Medvedev, would sign a paper about the establishment of [what she calls] the establishment of an [Orwellian] Ministry of Truth.”

    Interesting; Medvedev wants to end the falsification of soviet history, by creating something like an Orwellian Ministry of Truth, which would itself falsify the earlier communist falsifiers??? It’s not entirely clear which faction wants to rewrite history for its ends, though I suspect the liberal Medvedev wants to try to downplay soviet atrocities–

    Speaking of liberals, you could bag the politics, Abby, and instead hang with the Webloggers and express your deep dissatisfaction with Coldplay alongside that moral visionary Benji Wolfson, the crypto-Nozickian-lite, and Benji’s boy Kotzko, along with a few vaguely religious thoughts, and some pious recipes as well.

    (the weblog sort of embodies what’s wrong with college boy liberals–though mouth-in-charge Wolfson about as liberal as a Raum Emmanuel species of demopublican).

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