Site of free will found in brain!

NewScientist reports.

When a neurosurgeon electrically jolted this region in patients undergoing surgery, they felt a desire to, say, wiggle their finger, roll their tongue or move a limb.

Yes, they really do call it “site of free will”; ha-ha-ha-ha, — the irony…


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    Scientists have located intention and decision-making in a specific brain area: that’s bad news for the theo-boys, isn’t it Abby? ( Searle and pals were thus mostly correct). Perhaps Kotzko & Co will now be required to perform miracles, or like go back to teaching french 101, or coolinary school, etc.

    Even Marxy Marx had asserted that thinking was a property of matter (ie neurology of brain) like 1840s or so–Hobbes had suggested much the same circa 1650s..

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    There’s someone in my head but it’s not me.

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    Note Frater Kotzkoius now supposedly has a “Girlfriend.” Of course, he’s being his usual clever jesuit-lite self (btw, a jesuit, fond of Woody Allen flicks, who says prayer doesn’t work and God probably doesn’t exist) . AK most likely means that his hip postmodernist seminary has now provided him with some clerical sex aids, like electro-vinyl style, blessed by Jeeezuss, runs on house current, etc. O Fi Fi , mi corazon! 😐

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