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UN Pitches Ban vs. Ahmadinejad on One-Way TV Screen, No Questions

UNITED NATIONS, April 20 — The UN’s priorities were shown this Monday morning when a one-way video feed of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon denouncing Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s comments on Israel preempted the UN’s noon press briefing.”

– UN watchdog Inner City Press reports.

“Questions would not be taken, then, on the fire over the weekend in the UN compound in Darfur, more than 100 dead in South Sudan after the UN failed to increase patrols, a workers’ strike against UNRWA in Jordan, nor the carnage in Sri Lanka.

A UN spokesperson explained that it would not be possible to be prepared on these other issues. Anyway, the spokesperson continued, reporters at the UN had expressed a desire to see the Ban briefing in Geneva, even if they could not ask any questions. This is the story today, the message was: Ban’s outrage at Iran, for its comments on Israel.

What explains this seemingly disproportionate reaction? Some guessed it was Ban’s attempt to put “deadbeat-gate” behind him, where he said the U.S. is the biggest deadbeat. Others said it was to make up for criticizing the U.S. and others for not attending the Durban review conference in Geneva (those countries were now saying, we told you so). Some journalists joked about throwing shoes or sandals at the one-way TV screen…”


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    Your comments on Trollblog re leftism implying anti-semitism were mostly correct. As I told you, like, a few months back, that little liberal circle–Weblog, Emerson, unfogged, valve site–consists of hyper-sensitive, PC-obsessed mama’s boys, and a few soccer-mommy-crats. About as “leftist” as like the policies of Hillary Clinton.

    Simply diss Israel, or allude to zionism, etc. even slightly praise palestines, so forth and you’re awarded a swazi (I got mine like 3 or 4 years ago), then deleted, moderated, banned. It happens at the big liberal sites as well.

    Kotzko has bent over backwards for his liberal palsies (most at high-priced private unis, with the right connections, etc) for years: indeed he’s facilitated their blog-careers more or less.

    That’s one reason why I still value the writing of gents such as Nietzsche and Ezra Pound, along with marxistas. Pound was well-aware of the “academic marginalization” game typical of liberal do-gooders.

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    Well, all I was saying is that any leftist populist will be accused of antisemitism and, according to what the concept of ‘antisemitism’ stands for now, with some justification. So, they shouldn’t be afraid of it. But of course there is absolutely no reason for anyone to go out of their way to sound antisemitic. Which is, I guess, what John was unhappy about with one of your comments; I didn’t see that comment.

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    Emo’s language-paranoia–fairly typical of dem-blogs– shows his essential conservative nature. A joke, or supposedly racist epithet– yid, or n-ah, etc –does not in itself imply that the joker denies the holocaust, admires Hitler, burns crosses, or even condones racism etc. And I don’t generally use epithets, anyway: it was merely a crack about Feinstein or AIPAC or something (do some research and you will realize her crimes at least equal a Cheney, and she arguably wields as much power as the president)

    The KOS/DU/Salon types seem to have forgotten the 60s (or even their sociology class). Many court battles were fought so that writers could say FUCK, or use racist language. Read like HS Thompson: outrageous blasphemy, racism, n-word, so forth– or farther back, beats, Henry Miller, Celine etc. HST probably offed himself after he was banned from all the leftist-hipster blogs for like not being PC enough.

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    I don’t necessarily disagree, but that’s all trivial; it is what it is. Societies have taboos. People feel bad, offended when their taboos are broken. That’s life. Now what?

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    It’s not that trivial. Peruse a few threads on so-called liberal sites: all about language control, cute irony, yuks. The newspapers are about the same. One big Seinfeld show. When you make fun of it (as I did on Emo’s site) they freak, delete, moderate, so forth. Corporate shills, sort of trotskyite bureaucrats and vichy-liberals.

    Ted Kazcynski praxis: that’s what the real left becomes.

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    Of course it’s all about language control, what did you expect? But this particular aspect of the language control doesn’t seem very significant.

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    Yes, but it happens all across blogland, so symptomatic: note how all those theo-blogs tied to Kotzko’s lame site are shut down, controlled as well (not that one wants to say much except, like, STFU, puto).

    Emo’s the one pretending to be the great leftist, the non-PC anarcho-libertarian or whatever (though now doing a “populist” schtick). Then he bans/deletes someone for merely making a joke about La Puerca Feinstein. That sort of shows what a fraud he is.

    What’s happening is that the non-PC, non-zionist and non-unionist opposition–anarchist losers, really– are being forced into joining the rightist libertarian sorts, at least in America. IN california, you don’t have a comfy union job, you’re sort of SOL with the demos and “leftists”. That’s not new: Bakunin noted that back in the day, when he refused to join the marxist bureaucrats (many of them jewish bourgeois, tho’ hiding it), and preferred the sort of nationalists, however nasty. Same in espana: the republicanos who did not hang with stalinism often jumped ship and aligned with royalists.

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    You speak of these blogs as if they were some meaningful and important things. But it’s nothing, just a fad for a bunch of geeky losers.

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    Yes, at the level of a Kotzko, or Emo, es verdad: not at say Kos or Salon. Even Homie-in-Chief Barack reads KOS, reportedly. The KOS code (including the writing, the marketing, the moderation/troll rating, etc) demonstrates what pathetic phucks the D-crats have become. Bastante

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    I never read KOS, I find it very unpleasant. As they say, 95% of everything is crap (personally, I suspect it’s far above 99%); you just need to find something you like, that’s all. It’s gotta be out there somewhere.

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