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Xinhua Chinese news service informs me that peace activists rally in Washington to mark 6th anniversary of Iraq war. Thousands of them, apparently:

Demonstrators also carried some 170 cardboard coffins covered with flags from various countries where they said innocent people are killed as result of “U.S. hegemony.”

Organizers said the rally is aimed to press the Obama administration to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and “end injustices around the world.”

Oddly, there is no mentioning of this protest anywhere in the New York Times or Washington Post. Or, as far as I can see, any of the US mainstream Internet media, for that matter.


The New York Times has a story about the Chinese soldier murdered in southwest China last week. Significance of this incident is, apparently, that “violence against army soldiers is extremely rare in China.”

While reporting it, the New York Times can’t resist to note: “according to state-controlled media.”

The state-controlled Xinhua, on the other hand, tells me nothing about modus operandi of the US media. Too bad, will have to figure it out myself, I guess.
another Xinhua item not deemed newsworthy by the US media:

Israeli warplanes carried out sonic booms in the skies of Gaza Strip Sunday afternoon, causing wide-spread panic […]
Earlier Sunday, Israeli gunboats opened their fire at Palestinian fishing boat near the coast of Rafah city in southern Gaza Strip, damaging a number of boats.

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