BREAKING: Prominent American Blogger: Danger Of Imminent Frenchification ‘Odd Assertion’!

Mattew Yglesias, American political blogger and prominent voice in the liberal blogosphere:

Henry Farrell has a good post taking on some odd recent punditocratic assertions that the United States is in danger of imminent Frenchification.

Indeed, a good post, very good post, and timely too: I was very much concerned about the US of A turning into France. And now when Prohvessor Farrell with his arsenal of Political Science gizmos is on the case I feel so much better.

And thank you, Mr. Yglesias, too for helping put me at ease with such fine arguments as:

…the United States has its own currency and its own monetary policy which France doesn’t.


There’s no metropolitan area in the United States that plays a role even remotely resembling the centrality of Paris in French life…

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