Weakness on both sides is, as we know, the motto of all quarrels.

Afghan Leader Finds Himself Hero No More, the NYT reports. Apparently, stylish Mr. Karzai is unpopular not only in Afghanistan, but, more importantly, in Washington:

Meanwhile, the Obama administration will have to decide what it wants from Mr. Karzai as it tries to make good on its promise to reverse the course of the war. Or whether it wants him at all.

Uh-oh. But Mr. Karzai, like every other American puppet, has his own moves:

“Our demands are clear — to stop the civilian casualties, the searching of Afghan homes and the arresting Afghans,” Mr. Karzai said of the Americans. “And of course, the Americans pressured us to be quiet and to make us retreat from our demands. But that is impossible. Afghanistan and its president are not going to retreat from their demands.”


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