No trouble in paradise.

Global recession, protests everywhere: Russia, France, Afghanistan, Madagascar. Britons protest hiring of foreign workers. Canada protests ‘Buy American’ bill. Parties eye new Iceland govt amid fresh protest. Tens of Thousands Rally to Protest, March Against Thai Government. Anti-forum protest turns violent in Geneva. Turkey jails teenagers over protest.

Thank God, everything is quiet in the US. Well, to be fair, even in paradise there are a few people unhappy enough to protest.
Better safe than sorry:

A lecture by 1970s anti-war militant Bill Ayers at Saint Mary’s College is generating heated opposition from those who see him as an unapologetic terrorist with nothing of value to offer what they say are impressionable students.

They are Christ killers. Or something:

More than 20 people from a “biblical group” gathered Saturday outside the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Area, 7326 E. Sligh Ave., with signs and a bullhorn to denounce the religion of Islam.

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