And then some stupid with a flare gun burned the place to the ground…

Yeah, this is what happened, we all know that. In the financial sense that is; let us put aside all the other stuff for a moment. “Three billion dollar war”, “pouring $12 billion every month into Iraq.” That, and huge tax cuts were bankrupting the country; it was sustained by the housing bubble for a while, but finally the chickens came home to roost and the financial system collapsed.

Thank God the nightmare is over; responsible adults are in power now.  

WASHINGTON – In a swift victory for President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled House approved a historically huge $819 billion stimulus bill Wednesday night with spending increases and tax cuts at the heart of the young administration’s plan to revive a badly ailing economy.
Included is money for traditional job-creating programs such as highway construction and mass transit projects.

Right, but wasn’t that “three billion dollar war” also kinda-sorta job-creating program? Sure, I understand that highway mile is a more useful thing than hellfire missile, but from the job-creation angle – where’s the difference?

I mean, seriously, if a ‘tax-cuts plus humvee building’ program (still ongoing!) caused a disaster, what’s the chance that ‘tax-cuts plus highway building’ is going to fix everything?


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    Frank Zappa and the mothers……were in the best place in town….

    FZ actually broke his leg, and the fire, started during Don P’s solo on King Kong destroyed the mothers’ gear. The tune’s a bit bombastic but perhaps the flare-gun dude was some calvinistic-puritan, reacting to Zappa ‘s nearly papal presence

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    Nah, calvinistic-puritans live on the other end of the lake, and they aren’t too militant anyway. Just some stupid with a flare gun.

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    Not any mo’. Back in the day, Calvinists smashed in cathedrals, turned over altars, humped nuns (and probably priests too, ‘fore killing ’em).

    Ezra Pound had words for catholic corruption, yet considered Calvin (and his bastard sons, prezbyterians, baptists, most anglicans) a manifestation of something like Beelzebub–sort of xtian-jews.

    Along with their zionist peemps, Calvinists are responsible for the Rockefeller-ization of Amerika (though even Woody Wilson, though detested by EP, was not a competely sinister person).

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    Hey, you talk the same way anther guy did the other day. Are you guys related?

  5. tim
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    A bomb only has one time to explode
    When I break I’m takin everything,
    Turn these city streets to dusty roads.

    I for one can’t wait.

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