Manchester England England Across the Atlantic Sea

And I’m a genius genius.

Anyway, weird news have been popping-up in my RSS feed. This one, for example, from the AFP of all places:

MANCHESTER, England (AFP) – Manchester United have begun looking for a new shirt sponsor and are confident they can improve on the current deal with troubled American insurer AIG, the club said on Wednesday.

The English Premier League giants have had AIG’s logo on their shirts since 2006 as part of a partnership which, including the insurer’s sponsorship of United’s financial products, is worth 19 million pounds a year.

The company is now in dire financial straits, however, following a massive bailout by the US Federal Reserve last year and will not be in a position to renew its sponsorship when the current deal with United expires in 2010. […]

Indian corporation Sahara have already said they could be interested in replacing AIG. …

Tornado in Kansas made a butterfly flap its wings in Tahiti.

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