BBC: Jawohl, Herr Hoffman!

…was listening to BBC’s “news hour” via NPR today. In the middle of it Julian Marshall (BBC guy) discusses the recent slaughter in Gaza with one Gil Hoffman, a ‘journalist’ from Jerusalem Post.

Mr. Hoffman, of course, channels the usual shit: Hamas is the villain, Israel got no choice but to massacre women and children reluctantly and heartbrokenly – while the people in Gaza are actually happy to be massacred. Yes, he really did say that.

Then this happens, my transcript:

Julian Marshall: Have there been any dissenting voices?

Gil Hoffman: You know it’s amazing. I cover dissent among Israelis as a political corresponded of the Jerusalem Post. My job is to write about Israelis fighting other Israelis. And there really haven’t been. The universality of support here during the war was quite amazing. There was really only one demonstration in the entire war in which Zionist parties – the Peace Now organization, which is a Zionist but a left-wing organization – participated. All the rest of the demonstrations that there were – and there were many – were led by Arabs. So, the people of Israel are really quite united.

After that, I think, it went something like this:

Julian Marshall: Jawohl, Herr Hoffman!

Gil Hoffman: Cheers, Julian!

So, there you go. Those Israeli Arabs are really fortunate to live in a democracy, aren’t they.

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