[Angel Eyes]: …but you know, the trouble is, when I’m paid, I always see the job through.

Roy Gutman, Pulitzer-winning journalist (and, I’m guessing, a bit of a wingnut), wrote this for McClatchey: Vast U.S. Embassy in Baghdad: A monument to what? This is how the story ends:

…The U.S. concessions in the SOFA implicitly acknowledge the validity of the question: why are we here?…

…blah, blah, blah…

The only plausible explanation for staying is one that no American spokesman will admit to publicly: guilt and obligation. The real reason the U.S. is in Iraq today, is so that, having destroyed the place, we can leave with honor. Three years won’t complete the job, but it’s a start. That is actually a worthy reason for sticking around. And the new U.S. Embassy could be a fitting monument to that ambition.

Nothing special here; it’s just that I’ve been kinda busy recently and this one happens to be the only story in the last few days that made me laugh.

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