I hate vi

…it belongs to the 1980s. No, not even to the 1980s.

Why do they still use basic unix in some of those stupid network appliances? I’ll tell ya why: because they can get away with it. So, why do people keep buying this crap? I think I know why: because a lot of network admins are unix groupies. Someone’s gotta put an end to it; I suggest re-education camps.


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    OMG you are so silly…

    Sysadmins use UNIX instead of Windows for the same reason Bob Villa uses Craftsman instead of Fisher Price. (same reason your blog runs on it :-b)

    and doy… VI is a lightweight editor, so very useful over a slow network connection. … also since vim is better than anything else ever written.. probably including the Bible and Quran and Constitution combined.

    …Really… I think it would be better to suggest we all get down on our knees for the reanimated corpse of Karl Marx than bash UNIX. It’s just unseemly, barbaric, repulsive.

    So please, admit you are joking and move on.

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    See, that’s what I’m talking about. I don’t really know much about unix, I work with windows servers. Once in a while I have to deal with this (rather expensive!) device, modify large config files on it. There are, of course, ways to transfer files back and forth, but one, of course, is inclined to modify them in place, over telnet. And every time I do it I end up hating vi more and more.

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    , I work with windows servers
    Oh I see. So sorry. I see what nobody will pay for now 🙂

    If you have to use vi for any amount of time, it would pay dividends to learn the basics. It’s really quite powerful, but not intuitive until you use it every day.

    You wouldn’t jump into an Apache helicopter and expect to wax Arabs right away would you?

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    Yeah, but I’ve been dealing with various editors for decades now, starting things like TSO/CICS, you probably never heard of it. It’s not like I’m jumping in a helicopter, rather I feel I’m looking at an amazingly ugly toy helicopter from a spaceship.

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    I can’t figure out how TSO/CICS is an editor, but it doesn’t matter. You can’t compare something that runs on decades old mainframes only to something that has not only spent decades maturing but also runs on practically every cpu ever made.

    And text only console is only ugly until you spend hours doing something in a stupid Microsoft GUI that could be done in minutes in a unix console.

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    i have to say i’m a vi/vim fanboy, to the extent that i can stand any text editor or programming interface. it is very very very obtuse, but nothing 2 cans of mt dew code red and skimming one of the many ref. books cant solve.

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    I suppose it’s all right if you’re doing it all day every day. But it sure is annoying when you attempt it in 6-month intervals while in a server room with no internet access.

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