Terrorist Officially Rehabilitated in Switzerland

The government has officially rehabilitated the reputation of the young Swiss man executed in Germany after his failed attempt to kill Adolf Hitler in 1938….

The theology student was guillotined in a Berlin prison in 1941 aged 25, having been publicly condemned by the Swiss ambassador to Germany…

During Bavaud’s imprisonment, the Swiss ambassador to Germany, Hans Fröhlicher, described the assassination attempt as a “despicable act” and never visited him. In 1940 the Swiss government was offered the chance to exchange Bavaud for a German hostage held in Switzerland – but they rejected the offer….

Even worse than Frölicher’s comments in his view was the Swiss police’s collaboration with the Gestapo in 1940 when they wrote a report suspecting Bavaud of being a homosexual – “which would also have been a death sentence”.

This is all news to me. Poor fella… And what about this “German hostage held in Switzerland”, what the hell is that all about?

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