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Interesting WSJ article: Banks owe billions to executives.

Financial giants getting injections of federal cash owed their executives more than $40 billion for past years’ pay and pensions as of the end of 2007, a Wall Street Journal analysis shows.

Apparently (well, duh!) the executives are known to stash a bunch of money in hollow trees, holes in the ground and various other tax-avoiding cavities. Yes, but how much money? Well, it turns out, these big banks and ‘investment’ companies currently being bailed out by the taxpayers owe their brilliant talented bosses more than 40 BILLION DOLLARS.

Had these companies gone under, the bosses would have to get in line to the liquidation window just like you and me, but with the bailout they are now not only certain to get their stashes and survive the winter, but to keep their adorable fur coats as well.

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