…and a public service contribution.

September 16, 2008, The New York Public Library.

Can also be downloaded here.


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    Have you read SZ’s Parallax View, or at least some of the cliffsnotes? Quite interesting, and not lacking in spiritual qualities as well. A few dozen pages in, between Kant, Descartes, Lenin, etc. SZ discusses the joys of fistfucking (for a supposed mensch, SZ seems pretty leather-boy like). Could it have been that pious section which inspired Adam Klopsko to pen his tome ? Perhaps. SZ’s sort of a troll hisself (I enjoy his journalistic writing more than the “philosophy”)

    The Weblog does attract some interesting people, in addition to Emerson, sort of the Emmett Kelly of blogdom. The chicks are intriguing: that british broad Infinite Thought reminds us of like a wittier Eva Braun– Eva with jungle fever. Eva Braun with some crack wedged up her object petit a, ya’ll.

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    Yes, 0x09, I read The Parallax View. You’re right, he certainly is a troll.

    Not a very good debater, though, not very concise. ‘Stream of consciousness’ kinda guy, which is, I suspect, a distinct Eastern European trait. Or maybe just Eastern.

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    “”not very concise.”””

    True dat. The Kant-Hegelian stuff’s not horrible, though I think SZ’s more of a romantic leftist than most of the PoMo’s realize. Some of the bolsheviki discussions also readable–while keeping in mind SZ”s hero VI Lenin had no problem destroying the leftist opposition, SRs, anarchistas, etc. not to say ordering the deaths of 1000s when the cheka got rolling after the attempt on VIL’s life. The Lacan and endless literary bon mots tho’ are fairly nauseating. He is in no way a xtian.

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    I suspect the romantic leftism stuff, Lenin, and most definitely when he calls himself ‘Stalinist’ or ‘communist’ – this is all trolling. I know because I often have the same impulse. In my case it’s a reaction to liberal dogmatism, arrogance, self-righteousness; it’s so infuriating. Lenin, when you read him, seems like a much more real person, more open-minded.

    The Lacanian stuff with signifiers and signifiers of signifiers and so on I just skip most of the time. Not enough brain power to process. That is assuming it actually means something; it could be trolling as well.

    There’s this Russian word ‘pizdezh’ that can be loosely translated as ‘bullshit’, but also has a meaning of something like ‘idle chat’, ‘balderdash’. It was a form of entertainment of the educated classes in Eastern Europe and, I think, in some cases grew into a form of art of its own. Take any random subject and keep talking about it with a couple of your buddies; bring all the possible associations, all possible angles, paradoxes, jokes, anything that may sound interesting. For hours and hours, from dusk to dawn. Also keep drinking. It really is fun, especially when you have nothing else to do. This guy brings it close to perfection.

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    …and, incidentally, Adam Kotsko is doing something very similar.

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