Ingratitude is treason to mankind.

Remember those unruly Marsh Arabs persecuted by Saddam and rescued from certain annihilation by The Coalition of The Willing? Still unruly, apparently:

DEEP in the marshes of Southern Iraq there is nowhere to hide for Birmingham soldiers.

For months Iraqi insurgents have been firing rockets into the British base from a complex network of canals that are home to a few hundred villagers and the odd family of water buffalo.

The missiles have been set on makeshift launchpads, on home-made rails, and detonated by timers.

Long story short, poor Birminghamians are now building small bases right in the middle of that swamp where “living conditions are primitive … with the only creature comfort being a large fridge to keep hundreds of litres of water cool in the burning 40 degree heat.”

I’ll say: brilliant; this is certain to turn things around.

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