The second truth is that suffering is caused by craving.


Warsaw – Poland marked the end of its mission in Iraq with a ceremony on Wednesday to welcome the last returning contingent of soldiers in the northwestern city of Szczecin. …

‘There is no good war,’ Prime Minister Donald Tusk said at the ceremony. ‘War always brings evil, blood, suffering and casualties, but the sacrifices of a soldier for his country has the deepest meaning.’

3 July, 2003:

Poland, which has sent troops to support the US-led forces in Iraq, has acknowledged its “ultimate objective” is to acquire supplies of Iraqi oil.

The Polish Foreign Minister, Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, said his country had never disguised the fact that it sought direct access to the oilfields. …

“We have never hidden our desire for Polish oil companies to finally have access to sources of commodities,” Mr Cimoszewicz told the Polish PAP news agency. Access to the oilfields “is our ultimate objective,” he added.

Polish troops

Oh, how I wish that every politician was as outspoken as Pan Cimoszewicz, currently Polish Senator, formerly Foreign Minister, Prime Minister before that, and before that, apparently, an agent of the Polish equivalent of KGB, codename Carex.

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    Polish hegemony by 2012 has always been the goal, we’ve never attempted to disguise the fact…

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