Which candidate cares about people like you?

This poll question must have been invented relatively recently, only 1,600 google hits at the moment. When I noticed it for the first time (2004, I think) it made me squirm; now I just look at the numbers.

A few weeks from today about 100 million people in the US will go to the polls and vote for some individuals to become their new temporary rulers, their Emperor, Prince, and Duke. The idea is that the individuals elected will rule benevolently, because they care about people like us.

WTF? I am not a child, I don’t need a legal guardian. I don’t want to (and I won’t) vote for Barak Obama, John Kerry and John Tierney because they care about people like me (I’m sure they do when in a sentimental mood, but I don’t give a damn), I want to vote for a party platform with clear positions on the issues and clear priorities.

I don’t mind if a trained monkey and Dr. Evil write bills and cast votes, as long as these are the bills and votes I want.

Why should we have this essentially feudal political system; okay – slightly modernized feudal political system?

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